MTFF is a fly fishing club in Marin County, CA.  Since 2004, we have been bringing together fly anglers to share knowledge, experience, and good times. We host monthly meetings, fishing trips, casting clinics, and social dinners and events.  Our members span all skill levels from beginner to veteran.  We offer membership to anyone interested in fly fishing regardless of the skill level.  Prospective members are welcome to attend our monthly meetings,  meet current members, and learn more about us.  If you would like more information please email info@mttamflyfishers.org.

Upcoming events


We're back from summer recess!  Come to Town Center (Room 201) at 7:00 pm as we kick off a great series of fall programs.

 "Practical Tips to Help You Catch More Fish."

At our Sep 26 meeting we have a skills session, and actually create a hands-on learning situation, with 3 stations with attendees organized into 3 groups, rotating every 20 minutes, kind of like the ‘Country Fair’ system which has worked so well at our First Cast program.  

Larry Lack will handle one station, which is “FF knots you should know and be able to tie quickly”, to include the 16/20 knot, the Non-Slip Loop Knot, and the Lazy Man’s Blood Knot.  I’ll have all the materials to allow everyone to learn how to tie them, starting with parachute cord and graduating to mono.  These are all knots that are superior to Clinch, Improved Clinch, Double Surgeon’s, Blood Knot, etc. and would make our members more successful as fly fishers.

Two more stations will be handled by Club members with deep experience in fly fishing.


We still have a few spaces for Pyramid Lake and the Klamath--let Jeff Franzini know if you are interested.  (Contact Jeff at mailto:info@mttamflyfishers.org ) All are welcome at the Club fishing event October 7 and 8.

Annual Club Fishing Event, Upper Sac, McCloud, Pit - October 7 and 8, 2017

Our annual Club fishing event will be on this beautiful fall weekend.  Members can guide themselves or team up with a knowledgeable Club officer or director to explore the very different waters of the Upper Sacramento River, the McCloud or the challenging Pit River.

We will be meeting members at the Dunsmuir City Park at noon on Saturday for lunch and wildly overstated stories about the morning's catch.  Later that day, Gary Thomas has again reserved space at the Mt. Shasta Resort for a jovial dinner.  Gary is also looking into reservations at a campsite in the Dunsmuir/Mt Shasta area.   
 In summary, this trip is:      
  • 2 day trip October 7 and 8, 2017
  • You can stay in one of the local motels or camp near the Upper Sacramento
  • This trip is just for fun and self-guided
  • For more info, contact Roy or Jeff at mailto:info@mttamflyfishers.org  

Pyramid Lake Float Tube Trip - October 12 and 13, 2017

This is a two day trip on Pyramid Lake for the Lahontan Cutthroat Trout.  Just like our April club trip, this will be with guide Rob Anderson but instead of fishing from ladders, we will be fishing from float tubes.  Dan Habig and I attended Rob's October float tube trip last year (pictures attached) and had a blast!  The setup is the same as in April, you can either camp on the shore or stay at a local casino and drive to the lake each day.  A light breakfast and lunch are included and Rob will also sell you packets of the local flies.
**The only catch  (pun intended) with these dates are that we have our annual club Dunsmuir trip on October 7 & 8th, and possibly the Klamath River trip about a week later.  But as I have been told by many anglers "you fish when the fishing is good"!
In summary, this trip is:
  • 2 day trip October 12 and 13, 2017
  • We are staying in a casino near Sparks and/or camp on the lake
  • We are using a guide
  • Our dates are just after the club Dunsmuir trip and about a week before the Klamath River trip

Klamath River Trip - October 26 and 27, 2017

This is a two day Steelhead trip on the Klamath River.  I have not fished there before but several people have told me it is an excellent spot to catch Steelhead, and Larry Lack said fishing there is "better than either the Trinity or the Klamath below Irongate, as ALL the Steelies for both those streams are going past Weitchpec".  We will stay at Guide Tom Wilson's place right on the Klamath river (link to his website is http://klamathriveradventures.com ).  Tom has three small separate full service cabins that can accommodate up to a total of 8 people.  We will also look at using Tom's guide service and he will take us up and down the river to his special fishing spots (most spots are fished while wading, so this is really not a float fish trip).

In summary, this trip is:
  • 2 trip during October 26 and 27, 2017
  • We are staying in small cabins
  • We are using a guide at least one day to take us up and down the river to fishing spots
  • It's located by the city of Weitchpec CA off Why 96 - North West of Redding - about a 6 hour trip from Marin
If you have any questions, please contact Jeff Franzini mailto:info@mttamflyfishers.org



The Federal Clean Water Rule needs your help--This item is from our friends at Trout Unlimited

Clean Water RulePlease take a moment to express your opposition to EPA's proposal to rescind the Clean Water Rule and your support for protecting the Nation's headwater streams and wetlands. In a very busy year, this is one of the most important actions we are asking you to take.

Earlier this month the EPA announced a proposed rule that would rescind the 2015 Clean Water Rule. The 2015 Clean Water Rule did a good job of clarifying and restoring Clean Water Act protections for headwater streams and wetlands. President Trump directed his EPA to rescind the 2015 Clean Water Rule and revert back to a far less protective standard. The new proposal includes a very short comment period for public feedback on the rollback process.

Check out our interactive map to learn about what streams may be at risk in your own backyard.

Clean Water RuleProviding less protection for America's headwater streams and wetlands, and allowing them to be more vulnerable to pipelines, gas development, and other forms of development, makes no sense.

Headwaters are the genesis of our country's iconic rivers. The Clean Water Rule was designed to ensure that our nation's small waters remain intact, and that the water flowing from them is fresh and clean. These waters are the spawning and rearing waters for trout, salmon and other wild and native fish that contribute greatly to the $50 billion recreational fishing industry in the United States. What's more, these streams send clean water downstream, where it's used to water our crops, cool our industrial generators and provide clean, fresh drinking water for our cities and towns.

Clean water is not a political issue. Protecting our watersheds and ensuring that clean, fresh water is available for fish, farms and communities is not an option - it is a responsibility.

It is critical that we let EPA know how important clean water and healthy watersheds are to sportsmen and women. Please contact the EPA and oppose its proposal to rescind the Clean Water Rule and support the 2015 Clean Water Rule in order to protect the Nation's headwater streams and wetlands.

For questions about this action, please contact the government affairs team at takeaction@tu.org.

2017 Fishing Plan Now Posted

MTFF's monthly fishing plan now has its own page.  See the top nav bar for where and when we plan to fish!

Coming up next are trips to Pyramid Lake, our annual Dunsmuir weekend, and a steelhead trip to the Klamath!

California Fly Fishing Open Tourney

On Sept. 23rd Southern Sierra Fly Fishers will be hosting the 1st Annual California Fly Fishing Open Tourney in Kernville.  All fly fishing organizations are welcome to participate including  clubs.  This will be a 5 person team event with an entry fee of $50 per person, which includes dinner.  The net proceeds from the entry fees will benefit Casting for Recovery and Project Healing Waters. The post Tourney activities will be held at Rivernook Campgrounds, Kernville.  We encourage teams to wear team shirts in the Olympic-like Opening ceremonies. We will have 2 bands to provide entertainment and a BBQ dinner.  Additional details and applications will be forthcoming.  Announcements will be made via Facebook and Instagram.    Please email if you have any questions: haramic@aol.com  

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